Busy and happy and tired and big


So much going on that I don’t even know where to start from.

Tomorrow I have blood test and midwife appointment, so I’m working from home. Since it has been raining these days, I’m loving the idea of working under the duvet.

Next week we will have the first interviews to find my replacement. Can’t wait to get this out of the way. In the meantime, I’m trying to do my best to sort out as much as I can without killing myself.

I learned the hard way that pregnant women do have some limitations and life is not the same as before. After several weeks of extremely hard work and long hours, last Thursday I got really dizzy on the tube (a separate post about it to come). So since then I’ve been taking it easy and trying to get to work later – as it’s hard to leave on time.

Some few on going personal projects also taking a lot of time and keeping me busy but also very happy. I like being very busy and having different things going on at the same time.

On the baby front, we finally bought the pram-pushchair-car seat combo. Very bright to match Baby C’s personality (she wishes) and make sure people can see us from miles away. Mr. C was at home and assemble the whole thing on his own. Mommy just had a tiny little bit to do including a speedy course on how to handle the whole thing.


Here is a blurry picture of the thing ready to be used: pram, portable changing mat (this bag hanging from the pram) and the car sear (at the back). When Baby C is bigger, the pram will be replaced by the pushchair, without us having to pay for another item. Oh, at it was a bargain on eBay!

A quick detour from our original plans, Mr. C is changing jobs pretty soon. It wasn’t part of the master plan, but some changes are here for good and this is one of them. Of course we have the cons, meaning that he will travel a lot (actually, that’s pretty good for his career – and long term for the family). This also means that we will have a speedy time off work end of March and go baby-shopping for the useful bits and pieces.

We have also found our home. It’s beautiful and we can see ourselves as a very happy family in it. We are lot celebrating it yet, as the house is not ours until the contract is signed by both parties – which can take some few months. We are hoping that the process will go smoothly and – if all is good – move before Baby C arrives.

And because we are crazy, we keep looking at other projects to run in between changing jobs-buying a house-moving homes-giving birth. This is by far the busiest year of our lives!


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  1. I’m loving the pram – especially the wheels..:)..very hi-tech compared to ours. You may have get another more toddlerish one after about 7-8 months though.

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