Mood swings


I’ve always been moody. One can argue that this is a female characteristic anyway, but I admit that I can be a bit above average. Not proud, but not embarrassed either. I guess the new pregnancy has acentuated these moody crisis a bit more. In 10 minutes I can go from having loads of fun to wishing Big Ben could reprise, right here right now. Sometimes I just can’t stand myself.

Having said that, I have to say that although there is a lot going on in our lives these weeks, I can’t really complain of anything (I can but I won’t).

Life is beautiful moment:

Spring should be here anytime soon and I love spring;
10 more weeks and I’m off for a 10 months “holiday”;
I L-O-V-E my belly;
I’m very tired, but my skin is great;
Our to do list is huge and I’m loving it!


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