News from the womb


Today I had another midwife appointment – a routine antenatal. It’s my 3rd so far. Here in the UK we have the 1st midwife appointment at week 10, the 1st scan between weeks 11-14, 2nd MW appointment at week 16, another scan between weeks 18-20, then MW appointments every 2-3 weeks – if it’s the first pregnancy; it’s less for women on the 2nd child +.

Today was interesting; I guess the midwife was in a good mood, so she was all chatty and warm. My womb measures 28 cm (they measure the belly vertically), which she said is a great size. She felt Baby C, who is upside down (ready to leave, sweetheart?), with her back to the left (where the placenta is) and legs and arms to the right. All good with Baby C’s heartbeat, all good with my urine sample and my blood pressure. So, I’m a healthy mom carry a healthy baby.

I got the forms I needed for HR at work and to claim my £190 Government allowance (they give £190 to every single pregnancy in the UK – it’s per pregnancy, not per child, so if you are expecting twins or triplets…).

We have this book (maternity record) that I have to take with me whenever I have any appointment to do with pregnancy and they write down everything in there. It’s great because if we move, I have everything with me. I just don’t know if NHS has one single database where every hospital or GP could access my files. I haven’t a feeling that it doesn’t work like this.

So, according to the maternity record, this appointment was to discuss 1) maternity leave and benefits (and get that form), 2) smoking cessation (I don’t smoke, never did, so nothing to discuss), 3) feeding intention, which she basically asked if I decided on breastfeeding or bottle – well, I REALLY* want to breastfeed and at least for 6 months, but you never know, right? and 4) Anomaly Scan Result (the one that came with the water in the kidneys).

I wanted to ask her a couple of other questions, such as the birth centre and plane travels but I just realised looking at the book that those are topics for next appointment.

* When I say REALLY I mean I have this physical urge to breastfeed – the whole hormone/mood/physical change my body is going through and breastfeeding are the main reasons why I wanted to conceive a baby – otherwise I would happily adopt instead. I don’t really care much about genes/DNA.


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