Campaign: create your wishlist on Amazon website!


Lillywhites said a couple of times about creating a wishlist on She didn’t directly suggest I should create one for me, but I’m smart and I get the hints, so I decided to create one; why not?

It’s still work in progress as I’m not completely sure of what I want. Also, I just randomly chose items, but really don’t care about brands and prices – really happy with the cheapest option, as long as it works.

Of course, in the meantime I found a couple of items that I bought immeadiately. Shoot, forgot to use my Nectarcard. Nevermind. One of the items I really need: Bio Oil. Amazon has 50% off. It was another recommendation from friend Lilttlywhites (*) and I’ve been using since my belly started to show a little bit, in the hopes I won’t get stretch marks. Since I’m using twice a day, it goes really fast. The other item is a gift for myself, because I need a treat. I’ll share with you when I receive it.

So, I highly recommend you all to create an Amazon wishlist to help your friends and loved ones on those special occasions (birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s, visits from abroad) – just as a guide, of course people can buy anywhere and cheaper if needed. And it’s just fun to see what sort of things your friends are looking for.

(*) Unlike the list of characteristic of Cancerians, I do like advices, good ones. Well, I don’t know anybody who likes bad advice.


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