The John Lewis experience, or buying a bra


Boy-readers of this blog, I would suggest skipping this post.

As some of you know, after certain stage of the pregnancy it’s not recommended to wear wired bras. I heard/read different reasons for it, but my favourite ones are because it blocks the ducts of milk that are in formation and because they are uncomfortable.

But I didn’t find the time to go wire-free-bra hunting. I’m either too busy (during lunch time or 6pm) or too lazy (post-8pm). Lucky me, there’s another pregnant lady just opposite my desk and she is also Cancerian. So yesterday when I complained for the 10th time how my bras where uncomfortable, she just said: “ok, so today at lunchtime we are going to John Lewis to get you new bras”. No buts.

At lunchtime – late because I got caught with something urgent – there we went to John Lewis. For those abroad, JL is a very nice department store in the UK. Although they have several stores, I wouldn’t consider them a chain, as you have very few compared to proper chains. I’ve been to JL a couple of times in my life, spent less than 30 minutes and left without buying a pin. Unlike this colleague, who knew exactly where to go, what to say and what to expect. We went to the lingerie section, she asked for a fitting session, a nicely dressed lady rang a bell (very English, very posh), another lady came in, called my name and within two seconds she was taking my measurements me and brought me several options. I didn’t have to do anything apart from saying: it feels good, it feels tight. John Lewis being John Lewis, of course you would expect a £25 bra. Me being me, I would have paid for it and then I would cry at home. But the Gods were on my side and the model that fitted me best was their “budget” range. They do call it budget bra at John Lewis as it costs ‘only’ £9.25. Even Mr. C was surprised. I bought two and I can now breathe properly.

I have to say that I was really impressed with their service and the bill and I’m even considering going there more often to look for some bargains or the budget products. I wonder if they serve coffee to their clients there.


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