Trying to update the blog via Mr. C’s computer, but it’s not that straightforward, especially because I wanted to take a couple of photos using his laptop’s webcam (the quality is crap, by the way). Anyway, here they are:Picture001425 full weeks + 1 day.

Picture0012I couldn’t get a better angle. Although it might not look like a proper bump, I can assure you: it’s quite big now, finally! 6 months on the 9th Feb – hopefully some nice pictures to celebrate it!


Can you see the badge? Hmmm, it’s not that visible – it’s my “Baby on board!” badge, distributed by the tube staff to help nice people to give us, pregnant ladies, seats on the tube and trains. It didn’t work on the first couple of days, but I managed to find some few nice souls who gave me seats in my long journey to work or back home.

Little baby has been more active than ever – I couldn’t sleep from Sunday to Monday because the sweet little thing wouldn’t stop kicking and moving. Any position wouldn’t do for her. This is not going to be fun. But since human beings can adapt to anything, I’m sure I’ll develop a technic to sleep even with all the kicks – I did learn to sleep on buses, planes and trains, didn’t I?

Speaking of sleep, I’m so sleepy that I’m going to bed earlier today, before midnight. So I’ll keep it short and will come back tomorrow to decently update the blog (either that or I will forget about what I wanted to write).


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