Not always works, but let’s try to post via mobile! I have to keep it going so the “new” readers won’t run away – haha. Thanks from stopping by M8AL! 😛

It’s “only” Wednesday and I’m already dead! Despite the extremely busy period at work, I also have loads to do post-work. Went to the gym on Monday (yey, hug me, hug me!), visited a friend’s two month old baby (so cute) on Tuesday and just had dinner with a couple of friends and I’m now heading home. All the personal stuff are super cool and I wish I could do something similar every day (ooh, I cancelled gym tomorrow morning because of work!), but one can’t have a 7to22h day every day and still expect to be happy and relaxed all the time.

Busy days ahead, including viewings and a meet up on Saturday, but I really hope I can sleep loads on Sunday. LOADS!! Especially if it continues as cold as it is now. Woke up this morning with temperatures below 0C.

I don’t know what to write, but since I don’t want to fall asleep on the train, I’m just writing and writing until I get close to my station. Which is about now.

Let me tell you: blog via mobile is awful!


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  1. Is good you are making the most of it going out like this. After that it will be baby C all the way and even with us going to visit you all the time, you will want some peace and quiet for sure!

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