A weekend full of good intentions


Busy weekend with no real results – this is the summary of our weekend.

We had some viewings on Saturday morning but before I wanted to stop by the post office delivery centre to collect a package that couldn’t be delivered on Friday because it was too big for our post box – and this time our lovely neighbours weren’t at home to receive it for us. Packaged collected (a separate post for this), off we went for house viewings, late as usual.

We saw another 3 houses this weekend. I liked the first one very much – I could see myself living there, nicely and recently decorated, 2 bathrooms, 3 nice sized bedrooms (the so-called 4th bedroom is smaller than our actual bathroom); the second one had great social space (living room, dinning room, kitchen, garden), 2 bathrooms + 2 WCs (which is a BIG plus and a luxury in the UK), but weird sized bedrooms and it was really far from everything – lovely area, but I would have to drive to buy bread; the third one wasn’t really what we were looking for. I’m still scared about the prices of the houses here, but I guess I’ll have to get over it at some point.

From the viewings, we went to IKEA to look for baby cots and see what else they had. Going to IKEA is always a pleasant event – we had the famous meatballs, walked around all aisles, had a look at the baby stuff but also a quick look at bookshelves, sofas, kitchens, bedrooms, etc. I enjoy just looking without buying. In the end we found the baby cot – it matches our bed, not that this is important – but didn’t buy it yet.

From IKEA we went to Smyths Toys – the Irish version of Toys R Us – to have a look at their baby gear. We found this website selling cheaper buggies, etc, so we wanted to see the real thing in a store before buying.

And because my level of energy is not as high as before, I couldn’t do much after that – I was getting really tired, so tired that a couple of hours after we got home I had to take a nap.

We decided we wanted to go back to Smyths and maybe buy the pram-car seat thing we saw and thought it was a good deal. We went to a different branch and guess what? They didn’t have the model we wanted, of course. The other similar stuff were extremely expensive, so we will keep looking.

We also went to the supermarket. I guess I’ve been to the supermarket about 5 times since I got pregnant. Mr. C, bless him, normally goes and get the daily stuff, but all the cleaning items and more elaborated stuff is with me.

So, all in all, we did a lot, but with very little results.


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  1. Haha you defo need to get over the price of houses soon, it’s getting later and later, and the moving with the big belly will get difficult…I like the way you talk about the first house, is the closest you got to perfection up to now 😀 Why not make a low offer and see how it goes?

    We need to talk presents 🙂 I want to bring you stuff from Brazil and also give you something you choose, what do you think? x x x

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