I had a dream…


Yesterday we had an event at work. I left quite early, around 8.30pm, got home an hour later, went to bed between 11pm and midnight. But I was so tired that I had a weird dream. I always have weird dreams when I’m tired.

Here is what I remember of it:

I had to go to the hospital to do a screening for pre-term delivery (a scan that will check the probability of having a premature birth). I’m not going into too many details because the boys don’t deserve it, but it’s basically an internal scan. Getting to the hospital, half of the area was closed down because Susan Boyle was giving birth!

susan-boyle-pic-sm-247189641If you don’t know Susan Boyle, click on the link above – but just in case you don’t care, here is her picture.

So, I had to go somewhere else to have the scan. There were loads of pregnant women there and one very strange looking man. I went to the receptionist to ask why that guy was there on it’s own – he really looked like a psycho-killer! – and she informed me that he was the guy who was doing the scans. I freaked out, Mr. C wasn’t around, I didn’t want to go, I ran away, go in every single room of the hospital and he was in every single room I got in. And… I woke up very tired from running the whole hospital and being chased by a weirdo.

I couldn’t sleep after that – too tired to relax and the hours went by. I can’t say I saw the sun shining because by the time my alarm goes off it is still dark outside.

Conclusion: I had another work-related party but didn’t have the strength to go (although I left work quite late). Even one hour around noisy people and having to stand up is killing me!

Ok, maybe I should go to bed earlier, given that I am exausted and I have to “travel” tomorrow.


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  1. he he he…anything involving Susan Boyle would be a nightmare to me…nothing personal, she’s just so hyped by the media…
    I mean, my granny has a GREAT voice…but Loreena Mckennit let’s say…that’s something else.

  2. Awnn, I wonder if these are like nightmares you have before the wedding, because you are so anxious about everything that’s happening… Now, about SuBo having a baby, shouldn’t she get kissed first? 😉

    • I hope it is, otherwise it’s just be going crazy! It good be one of those weird miracles, you know?

      Carmen, can you believe I’ve never heard her singing?? For some reason, I can’t be bothered…

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