A bunch of nonesense


* Yey, some of the blogs I follow have been updated! I’ll comment posts pretty soon.

* I went to the gym on Monday. Hug me!

* Another scan on Tuesday and it’s the same thing: mini-me still has fluids in her kidneys, but nothing to be worried about. Another scan booked for April to see how things are. Since it’s not serious, I’m quite happy to have more scans. It’s just to cool to see her.

* In one of those moments “read any stupid thing to fall asleep” I was reading a Brazilian blog about celebrities – but instead of celebrity news, it’s all about taking the mickey out of sub-celebrities. You know, those who think they are famous just because they were part of Big Brother or X-Factor. Anyway, the posts are quick and funny, so I probably read about 50! Until I got to one that embarrassed me:

kupfer2Ok, not the post per se, but the image above that the bloggers were making jokes of. Basically this “famous unknown” lady she has a blog (well, who doesn’t?), is pregnant and she posts love letters to her unborn baby girl. Cute. Ok, a bit cheesy. But then, the “letter”Β  above is the baby’s answer to her mom’s messages. Dudes, she wrote a letter pretending she is the kid. The baby in her womb; do you get that?. It made me feel very pathetic, you see, because of some of the posts here. Hmmm, if I EVER get to the extreme of handwriting a “note from the womb”, please can you call a doctor? Pretty please? BTW, the translation is something like: “Mommy, hang in there that I’m coming in May. I also love you so much and I can’t wait to be in your arms. Many kisses, your Victoria”.

* American English vs British English. A couple of misunderstandings at work because of “translation” (I would say cultural) issues. One of our TV shows for pre-school kids it’s about saving bugs. The bugs say bugga-bugga the whole episode. We can’t air it in the UK, why?


1. Informal. a fellow or lad (used affectionately or abusively):Β a cute little bugger.
2. Informal. any object or thing.
3. Often Vulgar. a sodomite.
4. Chiefly British Slang.

a. a despicable or contemptible person, esp. a man.
b. an annoying or troublesome thing, situation, etc.

Guess why.

Second case: a toy line – Pet sitter – consists of a doll and two puppies.And if you want to know why…


  • Tits
  • Breasts

I’m not a 100% sure that this is a slang only in the UK, but since the toy was developed in the US and everybody in the UK was shocked about it, I’m guessing that either Americans are very naive or this is really a slang in the UK only.


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  1. The bugga thing is funny, but I get that it’s a problem here in the UK. But puppies! That means the SAME thing here – if I had access to a British toddler and asked it what puppy was, it would definitely tell me that a puppy is a baby dog, and NOT it’s mom’s tits. I mean – REALLY, that is a bit extreme. =P

  2. *hug hug hug* You deserve it πŸ˜‰

    * have you tried to sit by the sink with the tap open see if mini-you finally pees? πŸ˜‰

    * Hahaha, ok, I’ll keep thinking the posts typed are ok, but handwritten message is the limit! =D

    * And I loved your translation bits! I used to do the same on my old blogs, but yours if defo more interesting! πŸ™‚

  3. M8AL => All I can say is that I probably work with a bunch of pervert! haha After a couple of weeks of people making fun of the puppies thing, I had to ask why the heck it’s so funny. Never heard of the puppies-boobies association before.

    Lelei => If I go with the sink trick, I’m the one who will pee. πŸ™‚

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