I have to go…


I have loads I want to write about, but TV is dragging my inspiration to a black whole. Plus, Mr. C gets annoyed when I post too much. I can’t watch TV 6 hours in a row like he does, he can’t post 7 posts in a row like I do. Simples!


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  1. I am captivated by TV when wathcing something interesting and especially a movie and Peter is the “action” guy who wants to do something else, or see the movie on 4x speed.
    So for our mutual enjoy we went skating! 🙂

    • This TV thing is a family habit then, huh? It’s good that you guys balance TV x outdoor lives. We stay more indoors that the recommended.

  2. How do you mean he cant post 7 posts in a row like you can? Does he have a blog? Tell me tell me tell me! You can always write it and post it later when he’s not looking! lol.

    • Nah, he doesn’t have a post, exactly because he can’t write even one, let alone 7! His old blog have been deactivated for some years now.

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