Another weekend is gone


We resumed our house hunting task last Saturday. We saw three houses. Interesting (remember: interesting can be either good or bad), but none are our dream home. It was a good opportunity to visit the area we chose to live once again and once again I think it’s a great choice.Far from civilization (oh, yes, we are moving to the countryside), but near peace, quiet and green space. So beautiful!

Next Saturday we will probably see another three. These are even nicer, but according to Mr. C far from the train station – which is not good. Being far from London is already enough – another trip to the station to start the trip to work is not acceptable.

Back to Saturday (otherwise what’s the point of the subject of this post?), we were supposed to go to GBK – Gourmet Burger Kitchen, a very nice burger place in the UK – but we found out that my card is not accepted on Fridays and Saturday. So where did we go? To the very poor old cousin of GBK – McDonald’s. I haven’t been to McDonald’s for ages and guess what? I decided I don’t like it. Prefer Burger King.

Saturday rained cats and dogs – and other animals – and I was already not feeling very well, so in the end we didn’t go to the drinks in central London we were supposed to. I heard it was really good. Cooked “chicken soup” in the middle of the night – see post below.

Sunday wasn’t very exciting either. It was sunny (a plus), but cold (a minus). I was feeling worse (-), but bored (+), managed to organise all my clothes (+), sleep a lot (-), and go for a walk with Mr. C in the park (+). Oh, with a little help from Carmen (hmmm, I need to find a nickname for her), we pull together a list of the essencials for the baby – and also decided where to buy what.


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  1. Awnn let us know what you find in the area, may be Mr J and I move close to you guys when we decide where to go, who know?

    And I am a die-hard fan of BK, McDonalds only when there is no other option!

    There is a GBK in Canary Wharf you can always try and go there!

    x x x x

    • The area is West Wickham, in Kent (Zone 5, so still not too far from London). We went there again today and I’m really convinced I want to live there. 🙂

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