One of those times…


Do you know when you have to do so much that you simply freeze because you don’t know where to start? I’m in one of those moments. Best thing is not to think about it and just start with something. Most of the times I can do that; I get a random item in my to do list and start working on it and one by one the items are gone from my list and are replaced with new items.

But sometimes… I’m just too lazy and can’t find the strength to start anything. Since I know this happens to anyone – even the most energetic and pragmatic of all human beings – I don’t stress too much. It’s frustrating, I won’t deny it, but not tragic.
I did manage to tick one item of my to do list: to call Boots and sort my advantage card problem. For those outside the UK, Boots is a pharmacy chain here – my favourite by the way – and as with almost all retailers that want to keep the customer coming back, they have a loyalty card. I like Boots and even if they are not always the cheapest option, they are a good option for certain things (baby stuff being one of them), they provide a good service, and you can use your points to pay your bill (as opposed to exchanging them for a prize). Seems like a silly task to accomplish, but it’s something I have been dragging on since September/October last year. I found out that they have my wrong address (as so many other places do).

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