Baby stuff


I need to do a list of things I need to buy for the baby. Today our email server was down so I used some of my time to google baby stuff – geez, it’s so confusing. I can’t figure out which items are really necessary, which are nice things to have but not 100% necessary, which are completely useless.

I was reading in a book that ideally you should have a moses basket – or something as small as – for newborn babies as well as a cot/crib (I don’t even know the difference between cot and crib). 

On the travel topic, you have prams for newborns as they should always be flat, buggies/pushchairs for toddlers, car seats for all children (but of course they come in different sizes) and of course the kangaroo bag (this is how I call that bag that you attached in front of you but it has another name in English that I keep forgetting) for short walks or when a pram/pushchair is just too much.

I read different things about bathtime and changing tables. A bathtub is not “necessary”, you can bath your baby in the sink (even kitchen sink according to some videos I saw on youtube). Errrrr, I can’t imagine myself washing the poor kid in the same basin I wash my dishes or brush my teeth, even if I clean it with alcohol beforehand. I’m not that easygoing, sorry. I also wouldn’t buy an expensive bathtub like the ones I’ve seen in Brazil (or at Mothercare here in the UK). Happy with a simple plastic one – Mr. C is keen in getting a bucket! For nappies changing, the books I’m reading say that you can either get one of those chest drawers with the changing mat on top, or get one to adapt to the crib, or why bother with those when a mat on the floor will do the trick, with no risk of the baby rolling over and capof on the floor?

And not to mention: hospital bag, changing bag, highchair for feeding, bouncy chair, gym (those super duper colourful stuff to keep the baby entertained), nursing chair (rocking chair for breast feeding or just to cuddle the baby), bedroom furniture, sterilisers, accessories, etc.

I have no patience to do research and check which labels are best, which retailers have the best price, where/when are the sales or even search for things on eBay. And I’m already suffering with the possibility of spending loads of money with potential unnecessary things. Yuk!


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  1. Again, I can’t help too much with that… But just make sure you don’t buy whatever we will try and get you for the baby shower! =D We will probably use the same list we did for the other girls… Can’t wait! :*

  2. I know how you feel…but listen, don’t buy all the stuff now…if you can help it. Always great to try stuff with the baby. Basically whatever you think u need…scratch half of it..that’ll do it.

    No Moses basket – they grow out of it in a blink.
    A simple cot will do.
    A reclining chair that you can adjust is really useful.
    One pram is fine – get the one you can adjust flat to sitting position.
    Baby Bjorn is on of the best baby carriers (the kangaroo thingie)…or a baby wrap which I just loove with Sofia.
    You’ll also need a sterilizer / breast pump for expressing milk AVENT(manual , not electric) is the best in my opinion.

    Your bathroom sink is priceless…great for washing a baby that’s just done a poo – very clean and efficient (forget the baby whipes)…those baby whipes are a pain and cause rashes…

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