It feels like ages since I last posted something here, but hey, it’s been less than a week!

Nothing much happened except that I had a long week at work – it will get worse though; I got two letters from the hospital with two different appointments: one for the 3rd scan and the another one no one has a clue (*); I finally went to the gym after more than two months away – and it still hurts; we went to Maricota’s & Hubbie’s home for the 3 kings celebration where we had a healthy pasta, and not so healthy dessert and cake. It’s a tradition to celebrate it in Maricota’s family and she brought it to London; lucky us. Oh, I also spent the whole Sunday in bed – me likes it! And on a not so interesting note, I also did the laundry.

(*) From next week, for three weeks, I’m either getting to work very late or leaving very early for my appointments at least once a week. Here you don’t book an appointment; you get the appointment booked for you, date and time that suits the hospital.

Plans for the week: girlie night tomorrow, catch up lunch on Thursday, gym on Friday. We need to resume our house hunting mission and go shopping for baby stuff.


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