Photos, photos, photos!


Lillywhites sent the link for the photos of the New Year and I just went through all her albums and copied all the other ones. Picasa, micasa. πŸ™‚

Below some photos of our New Year’s Eve, part 1 (before the show).


At the V.I.P. area (where the buffe was served). Coz we are very important people.


In the show area – show my oriental origins (or just being blinded by the flash).


Artistic photo. No flash, nice!


Whoever is closer to the camera always get the ghost glow!


No flash again, and we are all with eyes wide open.


Another artistic photo. Lillywhites got this new camera from Santa and she is showing us all its tricks.


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  1. Bro in a suit? I am not used to him like that but he looks nice. I like your dress too…it fits you 2 perfectly:)! You and Cipri look soooo pretty together and glossy too.
    From the pics I see you had a great time that night!

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