More photos!!!


More oldies goldies. This was on 4th of July, not celebrating the American Independence Day (although American Girl on the left is… American), but having fun at Blondi’se (right) baby shower. Baby Ben was born on 2nd of August. Hence the HUGE ENORMOUS belly. At that time, I wasn’t pregnant yet.


 But as you can see below, the desire was already there. 🙂


 The event was post trip to Sardinia. Hence the tan. This dress will be great for when I’m hugely pregant, in mid-April (when it’s warm in London).


 Awwwwn, lovely friends. Maricota is missing because she is taking the picture. From left to right: American Girl (we went to uni together here in London), Lillywhites (we met at the last World Cup, during the Brazil vs Australia game), Mommy (me), Japanese lady (she is Brazilian in fact and was pregnant in this photo – she gave birth to a baby girl about a month ago, sooooooo cute), Blondie (Baby Ben’s mom, who are now living in Germany).



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