Planning ahead


Plans for the week: go back to the gym (and maybe try yoga – yuk) and arrange some house viewings for the next weekend. Other than that, it will be a very quiet month, just waiting for the winter to go away.

If all goes well, my last day at work is on 30 April 2010, going back beginning of March 2011. 9 months maternity leave + 1/2 month holidays. I can choose to take another 3 months off, unpaid, if I want to, but I rather wait and see how things go.

We are struggling with baby names. We had a list with about 10 names and it’s now reduced to 1. And even though we just need one name, we are still not 100% sure. I mean, probably Mr. C is happy with it as he wants to stop calling her “Baby”. I’m ok to continue our search for the perfect name until her birth. But names will be the subject of a separate post.


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  1. that’s great that u get 9 months…In Thailand it’s about 45 days paid – up to 6 months unpaid…and that’s cause the natality is so high here there are trying to discourage people from having children…
    In Romania for example it’s 2 years – with 80% of your pay per month.

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