Wardrobe malfunction


Ages ago I bought this sparkling supertight black dress but never had the opportunity to wear it. Well, the opportunity presented itself at New Year’s Eve.

New party dress: perfect for such important event. Perfect if it wasn’t for one small detail. Two in fact. The first one, a tiny detail that seems to annoy only me, was the fact that the new dress was not appropriate for winter. So, I froze. Even with the long winter coat. It was good when I was indoors though. The other, with for me was the worse, was that the dress went up with every step I took. So it is a dress that transforms into a shirt! I’m glad I’m clever and I was also wearing leggings underneath it.

Oh, oh, oh! Just remembered another thing about the dress. It is full of glitter. Nothing against the sparkleness but the house is all glittery – every single bit: bathroom, bedrooms, living room, kitchen…

Tsk! I hate impulse buys.


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