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Before going to sleep…


… some few bits and pieces:

* Finally met baby Maya. She is just the cutest baby ever! Tiny, but not wobbly like most of the babies under 3-4 months are (she isn’t even 2 months yet). Very lively, she pays attention to everything and everyone with her big black eyes. First time I got a bit anxious to see how my little one will be.

* And by that I mean: I’m enjoying my pregnancy so so so much that I don’t think about the actual baby yet. At the moment, she is part of me, someone faceless growing inside of me, and it’s not so much about her, it’s about the whole experience and transformation that I’m going through. It might sound quite selfish, but I’m too honest to lie. Anyway, after meeting baby-Maya, I actually felt like holding my little baby in my arms as opposed to just enjoying massaging the belly and feeling her kicking inside.

* Maya’s parents are just those people that you might not know very well (I’ve seen them 3-4 times in my life) but you just feel so comfortable around them. They are a beautiful family, so friendly, funny and welcoming. I’m lucky to have a bunch of people like that – so lovely and nice that you want to squeeze!

*  Highly recommend seeing the new photos on Anca’s blog – Ma Vie en Rose, link on the right. Not sure if it’s just me (I doubt it), but I’m soooooo amazed by the sight of the frozen Black Sea! Another thing I need to see before I die.

* I have more to write, but I can’t stop yawning (as Mr. C would say, I bore myself), so let’s leave it to another time.


Home, clean and warm


There’s nothing better than having a long warm shower(*), wearing comfy PJs and hoping in bed after a long, tiring freezing day.

I’m exhausted, but it feels so good to be able to relax and sleep. Not sure if I’ll sleep straight away, but at least I’m in bed.

(*) some say that a bath is better than a shower in situations like this, which I tend to agree – but it would take too long to fill in the bathtub and I was desperate to go to bed.



Not always works, but let’s try to post via mobile! I have to keep it going so the “new” readers won’t run away – haha. Thanks from stopping by M8AL! 😛

It’s “only” Wednesday and I’m already dead! Despite the extremely busy period at work, I also have loads to do post-work. Went to the gym on Monday (yey, hug me, hug me!), visited a friend’s two month old baby (so cute) on Tuesday and just had dinner with a couple of friends and I’m now heading home. All the personal stuff are super cool and I wish I could do something similar every day (ooh, I cancelled gym tomorrow morning because of work!), but one can’t have a 7to22h day every day and still expect to be happy and relaxed all the time.

Busy days ahead, including viewings and a meet up on Saturday, but I really hope I can sleep loads on Sunday. LOADS!! Especially if it continues as cold as it is now. Woke up this morning with temperatures below 0C.

I don’t know what to write, but since I don’t want to fall asleep on the train, I’m just writing and writing until I get close to my station. Which is about now.

Let me tell you: blog via mobile is awful!

I come from a land down under


As I said, Saturday morning we went to the post office to collect a package. We were in a bit of a hurry because we were late for our viewings (second time we miscalculate our journey to Kent – damn you road works).

I opened it while Mr. C was driving, because I’m too curious to leave it for later. I knew it came from Oz and was from the dearest family Palmeira, but only god knew what would be in the box.

And because I’m a nice girl, I’ve just taken some pictures to share with you all.


An overview of the full content of the box: starting clockwise with the Kangaroo, a hand puppet, a book, the cutest dress with panties, a ladybug maracas (como é chocalho em inglês), a lovely note, a pair of kangaroo sleppers and a tee.


Here are the sleepers – are they cute or what? They will keep her little feet warm next winter.

IMG_3638The kangaroo-mum, carrying the kangaroo-baby and playing with a boomerang – couldn’t be more Oz!

IMG_3639And here is Mr. C’s favourite: a puppet. I can see him telling her stories with a mouse voice. hehe

Now I need to name them all – shouldn’t be as complicated as naming our own baby.

Thank you so much, Eriquinha, Mau & Vini!! :-*

A weekend full of good intentions


Busy weekend with no real results – this is the summary of our weekend.

We had some viewings on Saturday morning but before I wanted to stop by the post office delivery centre to collect a package that couldn’t be delivered on Friday because it was too big for our post box – and this time our lovely neighbours weren’t at home to receive it for us. Packaged collected (a separate post for this), off we went for house viewings, late as usual.

We saw another 3 houses this weekend. I liked the first one very much – I could see myself living there, nicely and recently decorated, 2 bathrooms, 3 nice sized bedrooms (the so-called 4th bedroom is smaller than our actual bathroom); the second one had great social space (living room, dinning room, kitchen, garden), 2 bathrooms + 2 WCs (which is a BIG plus and a luxury in the UK), but weird sized bedrooms and it was really far from everything – lovely area, but I would have to drive to buy bread; the third one wasn’t really what we were looking for. I’m still scared about the prices of the houses here, but I guess I’ll have to get over it at some point.

From the viewings, we went to IKEA to look for baby cots and see what else they had. Going to IKEA is always a pleasant event – we had the famous meatballs, walked around all aisles, had a look at the baby stuff but also a quick look at bookshelves, sofas, kitchens, bedrooms, etc. I enjoy just looking without buying. In the end we found the baby cot – it matches our bed, not that this is important – but didn’t buy it yet.

From IKEA we went to Smyths Toys – the Irish version of Toys R Us – to have a look at their baby gear. We found this website selling cheaper buggies, etc, so we wanted to see the real thing in a store before buying.

And because my level of energy is not as high as before, I couldn’t do much after that – I was getting really tired, so tired that a couple of hours after we got home I had to take a nap.

We decided we wanted to go back to Smyths and maybe buy the pram-car seat thing we saw and thought it was a good deal. We went to a different branch and guess what? They didn’t have the model we wanted, of course. The other similar stuff were extremely expensive, so we will keep looking.

We also went to the supermarket. I guess I’ve been to the supermarket about 5 times since I got pregnant. Mr. C, bless him, normally goes and get the daily stuff, but all the cleaning items and more elaborated stuff is with me.

So, all in all, we did a lot, but with very little results.

24 full weeks!


In theory, another 16 weeks to go! Photos of 5 + 1/2 months bump.



Comparing photos of week 21, it didn’t seem a big growth, but I can feel it in my clothes, the way I walk and the lack of mobilitiy for a couple of things (putting on shoes being one of them). The 2nd photo was a desperate attempt to increase the size of the belly – or “fixing” the angle.

A bunch of nonesense


* Yey, some of the blogs I follow have been updated! I’ll comment posts pretty soon.

* I went to the gym on Monday. Hug me!

* Another scan on Tuesday and it’s the same thing: mini-me still has fluids in her kidneys, but nothing to be worried about. Another scan booked for April to see how things are. Since it’s not serious, I’m quite happy to have more scans. It’s just to cool to see her.

* In one of those moments “read any stupid thing to fall asleep” I was reading a Brazilian blog about celebrities – but instead of celebrity news, it’s all about taking the mickey out of sub-celebrities. You know, those who think they are famous just because they were part of Big Brother or X-Factor. Anyway, the posts are quick and funny, so I probably read about 50! Until I got to one that embarrassed me:

kupfer2Ok, not the post per se, but the image above that the bloggers were making jokes of. Basically this “famous unknown” lady she has a blog (well, who doesn’t?), is pregnant and she posts love letters to her unborn baby girl. Cute. Ok, a bit cheesy. But then, the “letter”  above is the baby’s answer to her mom’s messages. Dudes, she wrote a letter pretending she is the kid. The baby in her womb; do you get that?. It made me feel very pathetic, you see, because of some of the posts here. Hmmm, if I EVER get to the extreme of handwriting a “note from the womb”, please can you call a doctor? Pretty please? BTW, the translation is something like: “Mommy, hang in there that I’m coming in May. I also love you so much and I can’t wait to be in your arms. Many kisses, your Victoria”.

* American English vs British English. A couple of misunderstandings at work because of “translation” (I would say cultural) issues. One of our TV shows for pre-school kids it’s about saving bugs. The bugs say bugga-bugga the whole episode. We can’t air it in the UK, why?


1. Informal. a fellow or lad (used affectionately or abusively): a cute little bugger.
2. Informal. any object or thing.
3. Often Vulgar. a sodomite.
4. Chiefly British Slang.

a. a despicable or contemptible person, esp. a man.
b. an annoying or troublesome thing, situation, etc.

Guess why.

Second case: a toy line – Pet sitter – consists of a doll and two puppies.And if you want to know why…


  • Tits
  • Breasts

I’m not a 100% sure that this is a slang only in the UK, but since the toy was developed in the US and everybody in the UK was shocked about it, I’m guessing that either Americans are very naive or this is really a slang in the UK only.