vive la différence!


Mr C and I agree is loads of things but also disagree in many others, especially when it comes to food, marriage and babies.

Nothing to be worried about, dear readers, we get along really well and the different opinions are just another positive point in our relationship.

Our most recent “argument” has been in regards what music to listen during the pregnancy and early ages of the kid. Of course classical music is the natural choice of most normal parents, especially during pregnancy and first months of the baby. But it’s not mine. I don’t like classical music. I can listen to it, a couple of songs, and just the very famous ones. Otherwise I get stressed and almost in a bad mood. And because I think the baby feels the mom’s mood, I should listen to songs that make ME happy so little-me is happy too, right?

Ok, ok, I’m not going to listen to Rage Against the Machine, Soundgarden, Korn, etc, but I don’t think Pearl Jam, The Cure and similar bands will harm the child. And if she is used to these songs, hopefully (please, dear God, I beg you) she won’t be so keen in Beyonce, Leona Lewis, and X Factor.

Of course that we will add some kiddie songs to her musical repertoire – we just need to learn some (and quickly).


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