I’m in a mission (cont. of previous post)


Between you and me: I normally don’t like the fashion here. And by this I mean: I don’t know the fashion anywhere else, so I can only judge what I see here. Also, I’m not the type of person who spends £150+ on a pair of jeans (or boots or bag for that matter), so if the fashion is Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Armani, of course I’m judging something completely different. I’m talking about stuff that you find in Top Shop, Miss Selfridges, and other “cool” places.

With this in mind, out of 200 different things I saw in the shop, I was ok with about 5. I desperately tried to buy a pair of maternity jeans and trousers to go to work. I couldn’t fit in a single one. The rule with maternity clothes is: if your size is 10, go for a size 10 and it would be adapted for the belly. I follow the rules, right? Because I try to be correct – or maybe I’m just too lazy to contest the rule.

20 different size 10 later, I realized that Top Shop clothes are for starving teenagers. I tried 4 different types of size 12, same thing: they barely went through my thighs. I swallowed my pride and tried some size 14 trousers: they fit, but were very tight and the legs were too long (when I say too long I don’t mean 5cm extra, I mean almost 30cm extra).

I gave up – I’m going to look at Dorothy Perkins. At least jeans there are cleverer: they come in small, medium and long, for short, medium and tall people. Plus they stretch. And I’m size 10 – 12 comfortably.

In the end, I got myself 4 items: two black dresses (I’m not so sure about the 2nd one, it looks like a dress, but I think it’s one of those that you have to wear legging underneath otherwise they will be too short when the belly is huge) and two shirts. They don’t look like maternity clothes to me, the quality is not fantastic (it’s a bit see-through, typical of low quality fabric) and they weren’t that cheap.

Moral of the story: to buy tops, just go to Primark in the morning and buy stretchy tops 2 sizes bigger than yours for 1/3 of the price of Top Shop and (voilá) same quality – they are probably produced in the same factory in India or China.

Photos to come soon!


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  1. You are the same as me being objective on what you need. That is great and avoid spending more money than we need. Shame TopShop didn’t do something that would fit you, but I don’t like their stuff either, they are too much of latest trendy, and I guess I am more of a classic, no frills girls myself. Looking forward to see what you bought 🙂 x x x x

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