Recipes for the New Year


I’m looking for some ideas for the New Year lunch (1st January). Any suggestions? Please, no turkey. I’m not a turkey person. I’m hoping to find something simple (to do), but tasty. Something that will neither take me the whole day to prepare nor be a good-to-bin-it dish in case it goes wrong.

All I can think is pasta (you can’t go wrong with pasta), but Italiano might come and serve pasta to an Italian is almost a bad joke.


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  1. chris,
    voce gosta de bacalhau? se gostar, tenho uma receita de arroz de bacalhau que eh soh sucesso!!! aprendi com um amigo brasileiro-uruguaiano lah em bloomington :)… eh molezinha de preparar e fica uma ‘dilissa’ 🙂

  2. pasta is a very good choice I say…you could try: pasta with a Pesto sauce. This seems pretty popular with most people.

    Hummus is also a great appetizer with raw veggies. You can buy this or make it fresh. I make fresh and always goes down well.

    Good luck!:)

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