On Xmas


We didn’t really celebrate Christmas this year. As I said before, we don’t have one single Christmas decoration in the house, we didn’t play any Christmas tunes, and we didn’t have the table full of food like you would expect. However we had a nice time and for me, personally, Christmas wasn’t really missed.

Italiano came over, we had a stuffed turkey (not the whole thing) which wasn’t good (by the way, we bought it ready to cook, with all the stuffings) and we watched a bunch of films, catched up from we last met, ate more (loads of cheese on toast), he stayed over and the follwing day we cooked a nice roast beef (yeah, this time it was me cooking) with roasted potatoes, went for a drive to the neighbourhood we want to buy a house (VERY nice, by the way), and saw more films.

The plan for the following day – today – was to drive to Italiano’s house (West London), have lunch at his (the lovely spaghetti with fish eggs from Sardinia) and went to the cinema and for a walk at the “biggest shopping mall in Europe”. A lovely day and even better that tomorrow is Sunday and I can sleep a lot.

Oh, want to know what’s even better? Monday is holiday here. YEY!


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