Is it my impression?


Is it just me or your life changes when you discover you will be a parent? Do you care more about your health, about living longer to see your grandchildren, about what you eat, about not being in unnecessary danger because there’s someone else that depends on you?

I’m not at that stage that will live in a bubble to ensure nothing will happen to me so my children will have their mum around for a long time (specially because if I live in a bubble, I’ll go crazy and I’ll drive the kids crazy and then where all the be healthy conversation will go?), but even small things like being EXTRA careful not to fall on the icy streets to avoid any problems with either 1) the baby directly or, 2) my body that could have any impact either on the baby or on the birth. Yeah, I broke my leg once and it wasn’t fun. It hurts. It also hurts (your mind, your soul) to be unable to walk for 8 weeks – but it is something that heals with time and can be quite enjoyable if there are no serious consequences. But now that I’m no longer just one, I’ve been super duper paranoind, extra careful and very scared. To the point that I have neck pain of the stress that was to walk from the station home.


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  1. YEAP…but the most interesting is that you’ll expect the kiddo to eat for example way better than you…that is if you didn’t eat well in the first place…it works well all the way around.

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