News from the womb


Hello mommy’s friends,

I’m taking over the blog for just a quick post to give you the further news from the womb. Today mommy finally felt my movements! Because mommy is quite slow she didn’t quite understand that I was moving. I have to kick her a lot until she finally realised that the pressure was nothing like she has had so far.

Even though I spent some minutes kicking and punshing her, she wasn’t 100% sure that it was me – geez, mom, is it that unbelievable? – so she went to have a quick chat with the other pregnant girl at the office – two weeks ahead of mom’s pregnancy – who confirmed the same feelings.

Don’t get too excited, mommy’s friends, I still can’t be felt externally – just mom has the previlege to feel me. But I can hear whoever talks to me, so make sure you say hello if you see mom.

Talk to you later!


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  1. I only saw the pics from Brazil today. Lovely…you made me very curious and interested in visiting your contry. Too bad is so far away!
    Happy to hear so many good news from you. Time is passing by so quickly and soon will be in April or May and you’ll be 3. Can’t wait!

  2. hey, great pics from Rio! Actually from Thailand it’s cheaper to fly to South America than to Europe…:)

    Glad to hear everything’s going well with your baby girl – I must admit I expected to see this huge tummy after reading your posts – it’s still very small, but wait for it:))…6 months onwards you’ll see..take care, Carmen

  3. Anca: it’s not thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat far, c’ommon! You HAVE to go to Brazil! Next time, I want to go as a tourist.

    Auntie Lillywhites: she is, isn’t she? I hope that after the 2nd scan she will still be a girl. *sign*

    Carmen: Def. recommend going to Brazil. Ok, Europe is nice, but Brazil… it’s just so beautiful. hehe And in your case, cheaper. I wonder how long is the flight! The belly is growning, finally, but still a long way to go.

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