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Still on music!


On the previous post I mentioned that I’m not going to listen to things like Rage Against the Machine while pregnant (ok, I’m not going to force the baby to listen to it – no harm in listening to whatever band I like on my iPod I suppose), but who would have thought that Killing in the name of would be the Christmas number one song in the UK?

If you are wondering what the heck is the Christmas number ones, click on the link to read more about another British weird thing. I was a bit curious to know more why RATM would win such thing (I don’t think they are flattered about the reasons) so I also read an article on BBC website. The same guy who started this campaign in 2009 tried a similar thing last year (or a few years ago) but with Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up. Of course the guy was taking the piss when he chose this song, but thank God nobody went for it and the idea flopped.

I think there is a fine line between protesting and being ridiculous. You can protest against something you don’t believe, but don’t try to replace it with something as bad as or even worse. Some people won’t get the irony (if there is any) and won’t buy your idea. I guess that’s why Killing in the name of won. It’s a good song, it has a whole meaning behind it, and it was more than a protest against X Factor – it also reflects the mood of many people with the situation in the world in general. It’s just the way people have to express it.

On a more useful note, if you think that the Xmas songs protest is not relevant at all at least we know that similar actions – or even more aggresive ones – are taking place everywhere in the world!


vive la différence!


Mr C and I agree is loads of things but also disagree in many others, especially when it comes to food, marriage and babies.

Nothing to be worried about, dear readers, we get along really well and the different opinions are just another positive point in our relationship.

Our most recent “argument” has been in regards what music to listen during the pregnancy and early ages of the kid. Of course classical music is the natural choice of most normal parents, especially during pregnancy and first months of the baby. But it’s not mine. I don’t like classical music. I can listen to it, a couple of songs, and just the very famous ones. Otherwise I get stressed and almost in a bad mood. And because I think the baby feels the mom’s mood, I should listen to songs that make ME happy so little-me is happy too, right?

Ok, ok, I’m not going to listen to Rage Against the Machine, Soundgarden, Korn, etc, but I don’t think Pearl Jam, The Cure and similar bands will harm the child. And if she is used to these songs, hopefully (please, dear God, I beg you) she won’t be so keen in Beyonce, Leona Lewis, and X Factor.

Of course that we will add some kiddie songs to her musical repertoire – we just need to learn some (and quickly).

What’s up?


The cleaner was supposed to come yesterday, she didn’t and didn’t let us know. She showed up by surprise today and she is here at the moment. I can’t have a shower because she is cleaning the bathroom. I didn’t even have to chance to brush my teeth (sorry, if it is too much information). So I can leave the house. And I’m feeling a bit anxious (last day of the year syndrome?). So I have loads in my mind (nothing important) and you are stuck with me.

Sorry about that.

Be patient


I realise that to read this blog you have to be very patient. I write too much – I even bored myself writing the previous post(s) and had to split them.

Thing is: all these stuff are in my head and I need to remove them somehow to open space for useful stuff (i.e. supermarket shopping list and 2010 strategy plans for work). So it’s either emptying my head or my thoughts will merge and everything gets really confused in here, you see? And I can’t do this to Mr. C. all the time – sometimes he gives me that are-you-on-drunks-or-bumped-you-head-again-woman? look, typical of when I’m not making sense.

I’m in a mission (cont. of previous post)


Between you and me: I normally don’t like the fashion here. And by this I mean: I don’t know the fashion anywhere else, so I can only judge what I see here. Also, I’m not the type of person who spends £150+ on a pair of jeans (or boots or bag for that matter), so if the fashion is Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Armani, of course I’m judging something completely different. I’m talking about stuff that you find in Top Shop, Miss Selfridges, and other “cool” places.

With this in mind, out of 200 different things I saw in the shop, I was ok with about 5. I desperately tried to buy a pair of maternity jeans and trousers to go to work. I couldn’t fit in a single one. The rule with maternity clothes is: if your size is 10, go for a size 10 and it would be adapted for the belly. I follow the rules, right? Because I try to be correct – or maybe I’m just too lazy to contest the rule.

20 different size 10 later, I realized that Top Shop clothes are for starving teenagers. I tried 4 different types of size 12, same thing: they barely went through my thighs. I swallowed my pride and tried some size 14 trousers: they fit, but were very tight and the legs were too long (when I say too long I don’t mean 5cm extra, I mean almost 30cm extra).

I gave up – I’m going to look at Dorothy Perkins. At least jeans there are cleverer: they come in small, medium and long, for short, medium and tall people. Plus they stretch. And I’m size 10 – 12 comfortably.

In the end, I got myself 4 items: two black dresses (I’m not so sure about the 2nd one, it looks like a dress, but I think it’s one of those that you have to wear legging underneath otherwise they will be too short when the belly is huge) and two shirts. They don’t look like maternity clothes to me, the quality is not fantastic (it’s a bit see-through, typical of low quality fabric) and they weren’t that cheap.

Moral of the story: to buy tops, just go to Primark in the morning and buy stretchy tops 2 sizes bigger than yours for 1/3 of the price of Top Shop and (voilá) same quality – they are probably produced in the same factory in India or China.

Photos to come soon!

Braving the wild!


Yesterday when I left work – which was pretty late, almost 6pm – I decided that I would brave the wild and do some shopping.

For those not in London, I’ll explain: I work in central London, by Oxford Street, THE street to go shopping. No matter if you are local or tourist, in Oxford Street – and nearby streets – you will find absolutely all sorts of shops: shoes, clothes, supermarkets, electronics, cheap stuff, touristy gifts, food, exchange bureau, cinema, gym, etc. And because of that, it is ALWAYS packed with loads of people either window shopping or full cash to exchange to any sort of goods. There are some especially busier times, like the sales period post-Christmas, which is… now.

All shops are on sale, some with up to 70% off, loads with only crap left, billions of tourists around – I’m not being racist here at all, but there are loads of Japanese tourists shopping for anything; these guys have the $$ to spend (and they like the good/expensive shops).

Do you get the picture? No? So look at this:

Oxford St shoppers

It was into this wild world that I – armed with nothing more than my handbag – went on a mission to look for something for me and hopefully buy something useful. Because I am extremely objective, I knew where I wanted to go: Maternity section of Top Shop, where I have vouchers to spend. To avoid wasting time, I went through the back streets and managed to escape the crowd. Great tip from a colleague at work: the maternity area at Top Shop has a special entrance and it was empty (or not packed, depending on how you look it).