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News from the womb


Hi mummy’s friends,

Just a quick update from me to you. All good in Brazil. I love all the food mum is having, so much that her tummy is twice the size it was and everybody is now telling that she is pregnant. She is kinda proud but also scared. It’s very hot, but not unbearable. Actually, you might need to ask dad about that. Mum is fine, so I’m fine. The mosquitos here at granma’s home are the worse. Yuk! I hate mosquitos already.

Granma arranged a ultrasound for mum and this morning they were all (mum, dad and grannie) watching me on a big screen, like in the movies… I’m so much bigger and moving a bit less (well, what do you expect, I don’t have the same space I had before), although I’ve been doing some pilates and yoga in mum’s womb – to stretch, you know? As usual, mum was all happy and proud to see how perfect I am, arms and legs perfectly formed, healthy heart, more developed body, and so on.

But the biggest surprise was yet to come. Today it was officialised to all of them that I’m no longer baby-bean, I’m mini-Chris. Yes, I’m a lovely little girl, mum’s cuttie princess. Although, know my mum, she will treat me like a doll, but she will also make sure I learn to climb trees, run with the boys and other not very girlie stuff. According to her, it helps to know (and understand) a bit more of the opposite sex.

Dad is quite happy to have a baby girl, but don’t talk to him long term about that – he prefers to think that his baby will never grow up.

Grannie already gave me my first pair of Havainas – pink of course.

Now, the mission is to get me a name. At least mum and dad are pretty much in agreement about some few names, they only have to pick up one.

Mum is going to the swimming pool and I’ll have to go with her. Talk to you later.


Erica’s bday!


Tomorrow is Eriquinha’s birthday! She is in Australia, so probably tomorrow is today there, which means that her birthday is today!

Must be interesting to leave in the future. Especially if the future is in Australia. 🙂

Anyway, back to her birthday – Eriquinha, wish you ALL the best and loads of great stuff in your life (including a little brother or sister for Vinny). I~m sure you will have a lovely birthday in the warmth of this beautiful country with your beautiful family and lovely new friends. I’m sure all your family and other friends – real and virtual – are sending you good vibrations (and would also want to be celebrating with you – I’m sure I would!).


Chris, Cipri & baby

Quick news from Brazil


We arrived safe and sound and now we are boiling in my parent’s town. YEY! Had two heavy meals in two days and the belly is now HUGE! Honestly, everybody is saying how big it is. Geez, all I needed was feijoada, barbecue and cozido.

Tomorrow we will have a scan here. So excited!!! Will post some news soon.

A few little things about me…


… that you might not know or might not be even interested in knowing, but I’ll write about them anyway.

* I suffer of pre-travelling depression. Whenever I had to travel, no matter if a long or short trip, I get very sad just before the trip. It doesn’t matter if it was carefully planned, if it’s my dream location, it’s temporary… I just suffer a lot and get very sad. Never undertood why though.

* I’m addicted to cold milk + chocolate. Addicted. I don’t drink milk if I don’t have my nesquick. I drink hot chocolate but don’t enjoy it (don’t ask, don’t ask), I get all shaky and stressed when my chocolate powder is over – Mr. C went all the way to the supermarket (by car, about 5+ minutes) at 11pm once to get me some.

Why the post? I’m travelling tomorrow (depression) and chocolate is gone and the corner shop didn’t have it (depression ++). You got the message.

My last day in London…


… was a bit messy!

You know when nothing goes according to the plan but the end result is still good? This was today.

Tried to get early at work, but I didn’t. Still managed to pack all my stuff (we are moving to a different part of the building, but it is still moving), have lunch with friend USA, worked a bit – still loads left for tomorrow – and left around 4.45pm. Actually we were kicking out by the moving people. Then rushed to the gym, exercised a bit and had a bit of back and neck treatment (oh, dear, it hurt!), crossed half town to have my nails done and then rushed back home.

I doesn’t feel like a long day, but I feel really tired now.

(P.S.: I know the title of the post seems too dramatic, but I like a bit of drama.  BTW, I’m coming back in two weeks time)

News from the womb


And here is mommy’s baby taking over the blog once again.

We’re back from the GP – midwife actually – and I’m very proud of my mom: she is very healthy indeed. It’s very surprising because if you know her, you know that her diet is a bit “wrong”, as daddy would say. Mom is a green lover, you see, she loves trees, plants, and flowers so much that she refuses to eat them – she can’t eat spinach, lettuce, broccoli because she can’t bare their suffering. Dad thinks that she will be a bad influence on me. Oh, well, there are other good things that she will teach me, like the revitalizing power of sleep!
Back to the appointment, mom got all excited when she heard my heartbeat, and according to Michelle, the midwife, it was the heartbeat of a very happy baby. I’m happy alright! I can even hear my mom’s thoughts: she wants to buy this machine to hear my heart all the time. My heart might be tiny, but it has the power of a samba school percussion group.

Mom’s blood pressure is great, she is in good shape – not the Russian doll shape she swears she will be very soon – and her teeth are all healthy (oh, yes, she went to the dentist as well). All good to travel safe and sound to this beautiful land far far away called Brazil. I can’t wait to see it with my own eyes, but I guess this will take a while – I’ll have to feel it first.

Oh, mommy has been complaining a lot about abdominal pain/cramps. Apparently is her uterus growing to accommodate me, so she is ok with it. You know, she is not a big fan of feeling pain and can be annoyed even by the slightest of the pains. Let me teach you one thing, mommy: no pain, no gain! Here is a lesson for life.
Next news from the womb: on the 29th December is the second scan (I’ll finally become Baby-Cipri or Mini-Chris) and in 10 weeks time is another midwife appointment (mom is annoyed that it will be so far away, but these are the perks of being in good health).